Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I learn more about the summer camp's dates, times, costs  and locations?

            See the "Camp Overview" link on the Home page for all of these details. 

Q: Who can attend the Windham Summer Camps?

            ALL children who are grades K-12 are welcome, not just Windham School District students. 

Q: Do I use this year or next school year’s grade level when choosing summer camps for my child?

        Please use the September grade level for your child.  (entering grade level for the fall)

Q: Is lunch provided for my child or do they bring their own?

        Campers are responsible for their own lunch and will be supervised between am and pm sessions.

Q: What happens if my child has a camp at a different school in the afternoon?

        Parents are responsible for transportation between schools. Please keep this in mind when choosing your child’s camps.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about a particular summer camp?

        Please contact the camp instructor.  Their personal email address is noted within the camp description. 

Q: When I am signing up my child, I keep getting a computer error that states "Stack Overflow" (screenshot below).  
          How do I fix this? 

        This error seems to only occur for users of Internet Explorer.  Please use a different web browser when you encounter this.  Google Chrome & Firefox seem to work fine.  

Q: Who do I contact with general camp questions?

            Please contact the Summer Camp Co-Directors