** NOTE - This site has NOT been updated for Summer 2017.  The go live date should be in mid-April. ** 

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Windham School District Summer Camp website!  This site was created in order to put the registration and payment process right at your fingertips. By registering first and then picking your child's summer camps online, you will not only save a stamp, you will more importantly save your time!  

As you navigate this website, please make sure to follow these simple steps in order to properly register and then pay for your child's summer camp experience.  This will ensure that everything is in place for your child this summer.


1) Click on the "Register Now" icon located to the right and complete the entire form.

2) Once registered, you can click on the various "Camp Offerings" links located on the left side.

3) Choose the camps your child is interested in by clicking the "Add to Cart" icon.

4) Continue to choose camps from the various weeks as needed by choosing the "Continue Shopping" icon.  

5) Once complete, choose the "Checkout" (Option A below) or the "Checkout with PayPal" (Option B below) icon and complete that process. 

(A) Paying by credit card: Please make sure to enter your child's name at the bottom (right after credit card info).  This field states "IMPORTANT: CAMPER NAME HERE".


(B) Paying by PayPal account: Please make sure to enter your child's name in the field that states "Note to Seller".

Please see the easy to follow step-by-step payment guide under "Printable Documents" to assist you with credit/debit card payments.    

***Please note, all children must be registered and signed up for camp(s) separately from their siblings. Thank you!


Contact Information:  Ben Rodon - brodon@windhamsd.org
                                  Doug Stahlheber will not be available after July 1st.

**Please note: A "Stack Overflow Error" may occur when adding camps to your PayPal cart. This is due to using Internet Explorer as your browser to load this site. Please try using Google Chrome of Firefox.